Summers in San Antonio are known to be hot and oppressive, while the winters are short and cool. In the warmest months of the year, July and August, temperatures can reach 95°F. While the warm weather allows for a host of outdoor activities year-round, the heat can be difficult to tolerate at times.

That’s why solar window screens are so highly recommended to homeowners living in San Antonio and surrounding areas. They are also excellent at insuring privacy.

In this blog post, we will highlight how solar window screens work and their main benefits to homeowners. Let’s get started.

Main Benefits of Solar Window Screens

As highlighted above, solar window shades are perfect for reducing heat within an interior space. Not only does that improve comfort, but it also helps homeowners save money. Solar window screens reduce the need for homeowners to rely on AC and other units, which helps to lower energy bills.

Solar window screens offer protection against harmful UV rays. Regular house windows allow around 50% of UV light to penetrate into a home. Exposure to UV light results in an increased risk of skin cancer and prematurely aged skin, which is why it is a smart idea to opt for solar window screens.

Too much sunlight coming through into a room is also an issue. Glare causes eye discomfort and headaches and also makes it more difficult to watch television or read a book. A good quality solar window screen helps to reduce glare.

Other benefits worth highlighting include increased privacy (while still allowing good outward visibility) and reduced likelihood of damage to furniture and home interior.

How Solar Screens Work

Solar window screens are made of special window screen mesh and are installed on the outside of windows. Solar screens can also be placed on doors and patios, as needed by the homeowner.

They block out a significant amount of heat, preventing an interior space from becoming too warm. They are a simple yet incredibly effective way to block the sun’s rays and reflect them away from a property.

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Protect Your Home From Heat With Solar Window Screens

The bottom line is that solar window screens help homeowners to protect their home’s from the sun’s rays while also insuring privacy throughout the day. They are a wonderful means of improving comfort within a home and are a great long-term investment.

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